Welcome Back To Tea Time Garden

Welcome to the new Tea Time Garden.com. If you have dirt under your finger nails like us we think you will really enjoy our blog as it continues to “grow” over time. Like many of you, my love and experience in gardening is something I learned from my parents and grandparents. As a child I remember working my grandfathers garden, he always gave me the job of picking the peas, knowing that as many would go into my mouth as would go into the bucket. I can still picture that garden in my mind even after 20 years. Gardening, like Grandparents is something that says with you.

We will be covering three main topics on the Tea Time Garden blog:
1. Our favorite veggie varieties – if you are on as many seed catalog mailing lists as I am you’re well aware that there seems to be as many seed varieties as their are stars. For each use their a variety that is best suited to it, especially tomatoes. From snacking (sun sugar), to salsa (I prefer Jersey Devils), to the colorful (this year it’s Gold Medal).

2. Tools we can’t live without – Just as times have changed so have the number of available tools. Most of the new garden gadgets aren’t worth the steel they are made from but for every twenty of those there is one winner that stands out. I know my garden would produce nearly as early if it weren’t for my grow light that fires up every March.

3. Save the pollinators – I’m as passionate about the health of bees and butterflies as I am about my tomatoes. One rule I have about my yard is that it should produce as much food for the insects as it does for me.  Along with my garden you’ll always find plants that are just for the pollinators. I’ll be going over some of the things I’ve learned over the years to keep everybody in my yard happy.

We hope you’ll bookmark our site and follow us on social media. We think you’ll really like what sprouts up here.